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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Time consumption.

Unfortunately, my plans from my last post are unlikely to occur for a little while, so I apologise. I am still planning to write up reviews for the series mentioned and more, including Madoka Magica, but I'm so swamped with revision at the moment that I really can't afford to. When I write proper blog posts they do take at least a few days to finish, and I just can't afford to put aside that much time with exams right around the corner. I finish on the 24th, so hopefully *fingers crossed* the summer break will allow me more time. I do want to blog, really badly. But, finding the time has been difficult until I find a schedule to fall into.
Anyway, we'll stay optimistic for the summer, but I can't guarantee anything as this summer will be very bust too due to IRL issues.
Anyway, I'll try to post soon!

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