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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blog Reboot

After another long break from any activity, I've decided I'm going to give blogging one last chance. In all honesty I love blogging, putting my opinion out there and providing grounds for discussion, both in agreement and disagreement with my opinions. There are so many things I feel so passionately about and I want an opportunity to express myself. However, I've tried doing this so many times in the past and struggle to achieve more than a few posts.

I've decided this is it. I want to change myself, I want to do the things I love and be the person I want to be. If I can't follow through with that then perhaps I'm mistaken in my own goals and I should focus my efforts somewhere else.

My new schedule with this blog is as follows:

- 1 anime post per week. This can be anything to do with anime, I might write my first impressions of a recently started series; a full review of a series I've completed; my own personal but informal feelings about a series; a top 10 list; or various other things.

- 1 video game post per fortnight. This is a similar prospect will occur less often as I have less time for video games than I used to. If I write a full review then it is unlikely I will keep up with modern releases as I don't have the money to spend on frequent new games. I have a huge backlog of games to play that range from retro to modern, so expect there to be no formula for what I choose to talk about.

- Intermittent life posts. When I first started this blog I said I'd try not to talk about my life, however I feel that putting more about me, my moods and my life in general will personalise my blog more and may, as a result, allow any readers to see who I am.

I may also infrequently upload:

- Pictures, WIPs, art-related things. While not very good, I enjoy drawing but have been in a slump for a long period of time, but have recently started again. I might begin uploading images I draw primarily as a means to motivate myself in regards to drawing and blogging.

- Music related discussion. I'm a huge fan of music, it's one of my most important hobbies and interests and so it's likely that I'll at least occasionally find time to talk about it on here. I love a wide variety of genres, so I could talk about almost anything.

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